In the field, looking for traces of wildlife


"I. C. Bratianu" Hight School Hateg


335500 Hateg, Muntii Retezat str., no. 3, Romania


12 - 17

Eigener Aktionstyp:

Field trip


Engineer in agriculture

Ziel der Aktion:

I try to offer a real experience for teenagers (between 12 and 17 years old), to feel the reality of wilderness, to listen and smell the nature, to check the tracks of wild animals at their home, to learning how to use the camera trap, to make difference between the feces of domestic and wild animals, to learn about the wildlife behavior and human impact. The members of Wildclub join me in the field and they had a personal experience in the middle of the nature. The group were able to see an old wild boar, red dears and roe dears.


We start our trip at 9 o'clock in the morning, not far away from the city, following the same trails like wild animals and hunters. One of the SRS ambassador join us and explain to the Wildclub members the impact of the agriculture on wildlife and how the humans create the human-wildlife conflicts. We walk all day in perfect silence, checking for tracks and we found that a lot of them: a trail of wild boar, a "bathroom" and a place to clean up, as represented by the trees around; a common trail for all the wild animals in the area. As I have already mentioned, we followed the track of the boar and we met a big wild boar, a male. It has been a wonderful experience for all the young people. We continued our searches in a footsteps of wild animals and after about a half an hour a new date made our day even better: we met a herd of red deer. Of course, were almost impossible to take few pictures, but the happiness of the young people was enough. Walking further through the forest another surprise: a roe dear in front of us. Our next stop was in a meadow, and we learn how to use a camera trap, how to position the camera and how to program the action of the camera. Lunch, taken together, it was a good opportunity for social interaction.


After this unique experience all the younag people ask for more field trips, because they think that is a good opportunity to learn about wildlife and how to "reed" the track and understand the wild animals behavior. They even competed against each other to be a part of those who are selected for the summer camp.


The young people communicate much better in what we've experienced in the field. They have made presentations in which they express their joy of feeling and of understanding the nature.


It's hard to organize the trips in which there it is in need of transportation. It's a challenge to get young people to understand to goes as smoothly as possible.