Politics influence on nature

Bilder aus dem Projekt:


Association for Biological Diversity Conservation


Vrâncioaia Street No. 7, Focșani, Vrancea County Romania


11-13 years


Theater, Planspiele


Biliești No.1 Gymnasium School

Ziel der Aktion:

Critical thinking development, information analysis and exercising the decision-making process. Preparing future voters by familiarizing students with the different strategies of approaching political system (in our case - about large carnivores). The target audience whas represented by the students from the club.


Students were grouped into teams: Ecological Party, Party of Finance and Moderate Party, farmers, tourists, villagers (voters). They received instructions about their role - the way to approach the carnivore theme. They had time to prepare for speeches, arguments, while theywere documented and prepared. Then they presented: first the politicians, then the voters intervened. At the end of the presentation of each party, the voters decided which one would be the winning party. In this case, the elections were won by the Moderate Party; after the election made an alliance with the Finance Party.


Students were very involved. Some of them had fun playing in the role they played, and the others took it very seriously, as true politicians. I think they have discovered new talents - like politicians. At the end of the action, students rated it with grade 10.


The pupils and their new talents thatthey have discovered are impressive. Some students turned out to be true politicians with well-thought-out strategies, attentive to objectives; others managed to overcome the limits of emotions and shyness and enjoy the roles they interpret. IIt was impressive that students showed moderation in their arguments and, although they should have focused on a sigle type of approach (Ecological / Economical / Moderate), all of them combined with nature, proving interest in protecting the environment and large carnivores.


The challenge whas the age of the children, we were afraid that at their age it would be difficult for them to understand and model-seeking activity. Obviously, our expectations have been overcome. It was a challenge to keep the initially roles, some having the tendency to be influenced by their own views, which differentiate from the roles played.