When learning goes wild

Bilder aus dem Projekt:


Secondary School Sanpetru, Brasov County


Caprioarei Str 2-3, sanpetru Village, Brasov County, Romania


12 yo, 6th form


Meinungsumfragen, Podiumsdiskussionen, Fotostories, Planspiele


Sanpetru Secondary School

Ziel der Aktion:

We wanted to make young people think rationally towards the wild life that Europe has, especially towards the big carnivores. We wanted them to openly discuss on their fears and prejudgments. The main audience was the 300 pupils in our school, the teachers and parents from the local community.


We had debates, opinion pols and funny, but well documented conversations on what would be the impact of the extinction of the carnivores from our forests. There will be no forest anymore. The young people discussed about their fears, about seeing a bear while hiking, about farms being attacked by carnivores (especially bears and wolves). They worked in small groups and creative informative and awareness raising posters to share with their colleagues


The primary school kids from our school were fascinated about the big carnivores. They had fun measuring a "wolf step" and trying to walk like a bear or like a linx. They experienced several ways to monitor the wild animals (forest video camera), they read about a bear (Negrutu) being monitored with a GPS collar. There were many questions and many lights in the eyes of our little audience. Teachers were interested in taking over some pieces of information from our project and use it in their class. We tried to raise a community of realistic young people around the idea of preserving the big carnivores in Romania and in Europe. We realized that people in our community are open-minded, communicate easily on their feelings on living "next door" to the bog carnivores - as it happens in Brasov County.


The experience itself is very exciting. At first, many teenagers involved discovered that they have to fight their own prejudgments first. we had kids who said they are afraid of the carnivores and would feel more secure if there was no carnivore around. In the end, many of us had this opinion changed. by simpli interacting with the community.


It was difficult to find a time frame convenient for all kids to attend the club. It was also abit difficult to make the, aware pf the importance of the issue